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Bronius Radzevičius

The Highways of Before Dawn

    The novel of Bronius Radzevičius "The Highways of Before Dawn" recreates one of the most difficult epochs in the life of Lithuanian countryside, the post-war years after the World War II. The author displays the similar, and at the same time very different, fates of people, who stand on the threshold of a new life, and reveals their worries and hopes.
    The novel is an innovative phenomenon in Lithuanian literature. It keeps alive the traditions of Krėvė and Putinas of Lithuanian literature. At the same time innovative is a totally sincere openness of personality to the revelation of the secrets of existence. The writer left to us a spontaneous, versatile world throbbing with life and beauty, created with tremendous poetic power, where a person not only suffers from imperfection and temporarity, but also loves, fights, rejoices, marches towards the light and, thanks to his spirituality, himself becomes the light. B.Radzevičius was the first in contemporary Lithuanian literature, who accomplished to prove the necessity of a personal, non standard, uncompromised position of an artist, and the right of a person to think independently and to be responsible for keeping his word, with such intellectual force.