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Vincas Ramonas

The Crosses

    In the most significant of his works, a novel "The Crosses", V.Ramonas had elbowed Lithuanian prose onto a new level of quality. This is the second novel by V. Ramonas. It was published in Germany in 1947 and won an award of BALF (United Foundation of American Lithuanians). The action of "The Crosses" develops during the time of the first Soviet occupation. Though the novel in certain cases reveals the conflict between the Christian ideology and the liberal materialism, it mostly depicts the everyday life in the epoch of Lithuanian tragedy. In the novel the ideology problems are considered, but the greater part in it play the human conflicts that remain out of the way of global historical events. On the historical background the author displays many typical moments of everyday rural life, psychologically motivated characters, the sound wisdom and common sense of peasants in evaluation of new circumstances of their life.