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Marius Katiliškis

The Autumn Comes through the Forests

    The psychological novel "The Autumn Comes through the Forests" (1957) is a most artful work of M.Katiliškis. The axis of the novel consists of two poles - the Lithuanian and the forest. The space of action is a place surrounded by forests, as a sign of all Lithuania. M.Katiliškis emphasizes the special seclusion of the world created by him. The world created in the novel and people inhabiting it live within the framework of the time rhythm of the nature. Their spiritual life develops and their destinies are fulfilled according to the changes of the seasons of the year - from the renascence of spring until the flames of autumn. The winter exists in the premonitions of characters only. The images of the forest are an important compositional connection of the work. They display the season of the year in a most impressionable way, help to develop the action of the novel, and reveal the characters. The dramatic fates of nature and people show through what confusion and chaos are created new ways of life, and what an immense price must be paid for entering the ways of a civilized society.