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Janina Degutytė

(1928 - 1990)


    Janina Degutytė is a romantic maximalist among the new Lithuanian poets. She continued and modified the tradition of melodic lyrics of Salomėja Nėris. A creator of lyrics about nature and of miniatures on the themes of nature.
    J.Degutytė was born on July 6, 1928 in Kaunas In 1948 she graduated from Kaunas gymnasium No.7. She studied literature at Vilnius University (graduated in 1955). In 1955-1958 she was a teacher in Tauragė and Nemenčinė. In 1958-1961 she worked as an editor in the publishing house of fiction literature. Since 1957 many of her verses began to appear in periodicals. The first selection of J.Degutytė poetry appeared in 1959. J.Degutytė published nine selections of her poetry, and quite a number of works for children.
    The poetess died on February 8 in 1990 in Vilnius. Buried in Vilnius, Antakalnis cemetery.