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Henrikas Nagys



Pseudonyms: Jonas Vakaris, Vytautas Statkus

    Henrikas Nagys was born on October 12, 1920 in Mažeikiai. He studied at the Kėdainiai gymnasium. In 1940 he entered Kaunas University where he studied architecture. After the beginning of war and occupation by Germany he continued his studies of Lithuanian and German languages and literature as well as the history of arts at the revived Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University. In 1944 he retreated to the West. In 1945-1947 H.Nagys studied German language and literature and history of arts at Innsbruck University. These studies he continued in 1947-1948 at Freiburg University while studying at the same time at the Institute of Applied Arts. After coming back to Innsbruck in 1948-1949 he graduated from the University with the Doctor of Philology degree. He lived in Montreal where continued his post-graduate studies.
    In 1949 H.Nagys moved to Canada, Montreal. There he worked at the factories, taught at the University, and at the higher courses of Lithuanian language, was a teacher at the secondary school. In 1952-1959 he was an editor of the Literatūros lankos (The Meadows of Literature) magazine and edited the weekly newspaper Nepriklausoma Lietuva (The Independent Lithuania).
    H.Nagys died in 1992.