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Henrikas Radauskas


    Henrikas Radauskas is a master of lyrical verse, neoromanticist, representative of esthetic school of poetry, who stayed aside from any literary movements and created his own original style and poetical outlook. Here are presented four books of verses of Henrikas Radauskas that were written in 1930-1964. The selection of verses is dominated by intellect that conducts the trend of lyrical action and defines its boundaries; emblems of the fate of a person and creator in our world, expressing anxiety and fluster of personality and humanistic element - the hope for victory of goodness and beauty. In the poetry of H.Radauskas the nature and its phenomena is only a point of departure, but projection is directed towards a person, being, creation. The works of the poet are characterized by restrained word and image, poetical depth, romanticism. Melodiousness and colourful images are the most prominent features of H. Radauskas's poetry. The form of verses is elegant, sonorous, and refined.
    The poetry is characterized by detachment from the world, from the problems of real life. The poet is able to stand aside from the life and watch everything with the cold eye of satirist. The light derision, sore irony and cruel satire, sometimes coming up to the limits of cynicism are characteristic to many verses.