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Henrikas Radauskas


H. Radauskas

    Henrikas Radauskas a poet of independent Lithuania, who grew up and matured in Lithuania, but reached the peak of his creation in emigration.
    Henrikas Radauskas was born in 1910 in Kraków (Poland). He grew up in a Gikonys village in the community of Rozalimas, Panevėžys district. The World War I he spent in Russia. In Siberia (Novo-Nikolajevsk) he went to the primary school. In 1921 he returned to Lithuania. H.Radauskas studied at Panevėžys gymnasium and Teachers Seminary. Then he began to write poetry. After graduating from the Seminary in 1929, H.Radauskas for one year taught at the Kazokiškis primary school. At Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University, in the Faculty of Humanitarian Sciences H.Radauskas studied Lithuanian, German, and Russian languages and literature. In 1936 he was announcer in Lithuanian and German at Klaipėda radio, and in 1937-1941 he was editor at the Book Publishing Committee of the Ministry of Education. In 1944-1945 he lived in Berlin, later moved from there to Reutlingen. There he worked in the French office. In 1949 H.Radauskas arrived to the USA. There he lived in Baltimore, Chicago, and since 1959 - in Washington, where worked at the Library of Congress. H.Radauskas died on August 27, 1970, in Washington.