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Salomėja Nėris

At the Broad Road

S.Neris verses

    S.Nėris began to compose her selection of verses "At the Broad Road" in 1944. The verses were written in different places - Moscow, Ufa, Penza. The poetess revised this selection many times, the list of verses was changing. The selection "At the Broad Road" was not printed during the life of poetess. S.Nėris prepared this selection, but it was not intended for publication.
    The selection contains not one unknown verse of S.Nėris. Although part of works was published in the book "The Nightingale Cannot Stop Singing" and in the full edition of verses (1957), yet it is a still unknown selection.
    The verses are presented in the same order as the poetess wished, the structure and texts of the selection is preserved. The book is divided into 6 sections that are separated by the epigraphs only, which are selected from the folk songs or their individualized paraphrases. They render a background of bitter questioning and silent sorrow to the book.