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Petras Cvirka

The Day-To-Day Stories

    The second collections of stories by P. Cvirka, "The Day-to-day Stories" (1938), proves that the talent of narrator has matured. The unnecessary stylistic adornments are abandoned, the word is saved, more convenient phrases and images are sought, the number of characters is reduced to minimum, a more profound psychological analysis is not sought. People in stories are shown in the most critical moments of their lives, the plot is taken from everyday life, an insignificant event is made important because of experiences of the person described. The author depicts mainly the sad and tragic events, which in real life appear as exemptions. The brutal relations within the family are determined by material motifs. In the story "The Well" a son-in-law craves for his father-in-law death, because he wants to inherit the farm as quickly as possible, thus he does not come to rescue. A brother kills his own brother, who was recovering from the attempt of suicide by hanging, by strangling him (The Brothers). In a story "The Berry" a farmer is rash towards the old woman and hastens her death when it becomes clear that she has no money. The cunning women from the city coax things from a simple-minded peasant woman under pretext that they will be necessary for he suffering mother (The Matters of the Dead). All of this concerns the matters of wealth, and there are the origins of crimes. Sometimes the author bolsters the colours unnecessarily.
    The book "The Day-to-day Stories" has won the award of the "Sakalas" publishing house and is one of the best books written by P. Cvirka.