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Antanas Vaičiulaitis



    The only novel of A.Vaičiulaitis was published in 1936. This novel had won the prize of the "Sakalas" publishing house.
    "Valentina" is a subtle love story that resembles I.Šeinius's "The Hunchback" by its background of nature and impressionistic style of narration. The time and space of events of the novel are not determined. The place of action, the Kirbynė village with a church, is a literary background, not a geographical place. The features of the contemporary period (dictatorship in independent Lithuania) are not discussed. Such detachment from particular place and determined time should not be considered as the faults of the novel; on the contrary, they signify the transfer of reality to a higher esthetic level. This psychological reality, the flourish and the death of love of the two young people, contains elements that make "Valentina" actual at all times. In his novel A.Vaičiulaitis depicts the inner beauty of the youth, wonders at the beauty of Lithuanian nature.
    "Valentina" is one of the most prominent works of esthetic realism in Lithuanian literature. It retains its place in Lithuanian literature as an original manifestation of the worldwide trend in literature of the epoch, the modernism.