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Ieva Simonaitytė

The Fate of Šimoniai Family from Aukštujai


    "The Fate of Šimoniai family from Aukštujai" is one of the most prominent books by I.Simonaitytė. For it she was granted a State literary award of Lithuania in 1935, and entered Lithuanian literary scene as already matured author at once.
    "The Fate of Šimoniai family from Aukštujai" is a work of chronicle nature: through the lives of Šimoniai family it reveals the tragic fate of all Lithuania Minor. The fabula of the novel embraces a wide spare of time - from the beginning of 18th century to the end of 19th. The novel consists of a few independent fragments, united by the fate of Šimoniai family. Through the fate of the family is revealed the fate of Lithuania Minor: the collision of Lithuanians and policy of germanization, German efforts to eradicate Lithuanian mentality, the intrusion of foreign culture into peasant's life.