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Antanas Miškinis

The Crows by the Highway

A.Miskinis verses

    "The Crows by the Highway" is a second book of verses by Antanas Miškinis. It was published in independent Lithuania in 1935. For this book the poet was prized with award of the publishing house "Sakalas". The book had proved that A.Miškinis became a fully mature poet. The personal motives here are blended with the social ones, the note of despair and fragility of life is felt.
    The main theme of this selection of verses is Motherland - its happiness and its endurance. The poet is sincerely concerned with the misery of his compatriots, thus the verses are sad, elegiac, or bitterly ironic. The motives of folklore are masterly woven into the poetry.
    Because of the melodious style of A.Miškinis's verses, many of them became songs.