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Kazys Binkis

One Hundred of Springs


    The selection of verses "One Hundred of Springs" belongs to the era of the "Keturi vėjai" (The Four Winds) movement. Since becoming a leader of a new literary movement that declared war to the traditional ways of poetry and routine of any sort, K. Binkis turned towards the expressionist trend and began to speak with immense power of his talent. His poetry had a great impact on the later Lithuanian poetry in a sense of innovation of the content and the form.
    The main motives of this selection of verses are the spring and the wind - the sources of indomitable youthful force. From this youthful and playful power derives the mockery and irony upon the esthetic, symbolic forms of expression. The hero of his verses is free from ideological programmes of any kind, he returns to the springs of primeval spontaneity, to the elemental forces that rise from the wisdom of nature and acknowledge no barriers. The life is a swing, bash and joy in a company of these elemental forces that shake off mannerisms of all kinds from the man and lead him to the whimsical freedom of being.