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Bernardas Brazdžionis

The Globe Trotting Man


    "The Globe Trotting Man", the selection of verses by the classic of Lithuanian literature, one of the most prominent poets, B.Brazdžionis, represents the best and most characteristic in sense of content and form verses created in the independent Lithuania. These verses played the same role in national resistance as was attributed to Maironis's "The Voices of Spring" at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century. In defiance of interdiction, the poetry of B.Brazdžionis was read and loved in Lithuania.
    The selection of poetry from the first five books is named after one of the verses, "The Globe Trotting Man". The spirit of the epoch gave name to the last verses, "From the Wrecked Ship". The whole poetry book is named after its first section.
    The works of B.Brazdžionis is an original and individual phenomenon in Lithuanian literature, though in many cases it can be traced back to the classical tradition (especially that of Maironis).