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Jurgis Baltrušaitis



    As if wanting to pay off his debts to his nation and vernacular, in a short time while living in Paris (1940-1943) J.Baltrušaitis wrote in Lithuanian three selections of poetry ("A Wreath of Tears", parts I and II, "The Smoke of the Altar") and a poem ("The House-warming"). These verses summed up and deepened his previous works, and are one of the best ones created by J. Baltrušaitis. The poetry gushes with such youthfulness and diversity that it seems the poet was writing in Lithuanian all his life. He embraced the aspirations, feelings and experience of all his life in this poetry, and in a short time contributed all of himself to his nation.
    The poetry of J.Baltrušaitis is of symbolic trend. The symbolism of his poetry derives from Lithuanian tales, legends, folk songs, and the landscapes of motherland. The deep meaning of J. Baltrušaitis's poetry is rendered in a simple form: regular verses, sustained rhythm and rhyme, simple language with no burden of fanciful words. His poetry revives a romantic vision of Lithuania of old times.