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Balys Sruoga

The Shade of a Giant

   In 1929-1930 B.Sruoga had written a drama "The Shade of a Giant" to the anniversary of Vytautas. It consists of three acts, nine episodes. The drama is based on historical facts and glorifies the personality of Vytautas, highlights his significance for Lithuanian history. B.Sruoga tried to evade the pompous pathos and placating of Vytautas virtues. His name symbolises the strength of Lithuanian spirit. Vytautas himself does not appear on the stage, but in the words, concerns, and actions of other actors the greatness of Vytautas is omnipresent. He is the giant in the shade of which the complex political life of Lithuania and Poland evolves, personal and national problems are solved. Though the drama is true to historical facts, B.Sruoga is mostly concerned with the psychology of his characters.
    The action of the drama takes place in 1428-1430 in Cracow, Luck, Vilnius and Trakai.