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Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas

Between the Two Sunrises


    The collection of lyrics "Between the Two Sunrises" (1927) by V.Mykolaitis-Putinas is a peak of romantic revolt and symbolism. This poetry may be named the lyrics of a night, because the motif of a night is the main in the lyrics and it is interwoven with other motives. A night acquires symbolic significance: a creative process of a poet is activated between two sunrises, he celebrates victory in the wake of night. A night reveals the reality which is more true than the reality of a day when the light cruelly hides the stars in the sky and mysterious mystique of the earth. In the creations of all romantics and symbolists a night allows to survive on the brink of the sensual and intangible worlds, the line between them disappears in scanty remnants of light and the play of shadows. A night is a huge field in which the fantasy and emotions of a poet flow and wave freely without intrusion of the light or laws of reality.
    V.Mykolaitis-Putinas described the appearance of this collection in his autobiography: "In 1927 I have published a collection of poems "Between the Two Sunrises". I think that it reflects the mood of the end of my youth and the start of the independent life. At that time I have felt keen discord in myself and the environment. It has made me to analyse myself, to rebel, sometimes it awakened bright ideas and inspiration, sometimes drowned in sorrow". "Between the Two SunrisesBetween the Two Sunrises is a space of intensive spiritual life of Putinas between sky and earth, between faith and freedom, between obedience and revolt; between a peak and an abyss.