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Vincas Krėvė


    The first version of the drama "Skirgaila" was written in Caucasus during the First World War. When the stage director B. Dauguvietis decided to stage it at the State Theatre in Kaunas in 1924, V.Krėvė had rewritten it in Lithuanian changing significantly and with many additions.
    "Skirgaila" is a historical drama of four parts depicting the life of ancient Lithuanians and the ruler of the end of 14th century Skirgaila, political, cultural and religious fights of that time. The drama reveals a tragic struggle of Skirgaila with the surrounding enemies and with himself.
    The psychological precision, clear characters and dramatic composition make "Skirgaila" one of the best and well-known works by V. Krėvė as well as one of the strongest Lithuanian dramas. Significant contents, strong characters, understanding of human passions, perfect dramatic compositions allows to compare it with the best examples of drama in the world.
    This drama has a historical significance as well. Skirgaila is a symbolic person, signifying the hopelessness and tragedy of the whole heathen population in Lithuania.