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Pranas Vaičaitis


    The poetical heritage of P.Vaičaitis is not abundant. His lyrics can be separated into two main trends: social patriotic, and personal or egocentric.
    The most strong and splendid motifs expressed in his patriotic lyrics are the beauty of motherland and nostalgia. The beauty of motherland's nature, linked with nostalgia, gains inner warmth. There are purely social motifs in P.Vaičaitis's poetry, too. The motifs of misery are plaited into the by contrast bright background, thus luxury and brilliance are neighboring with misery and hardship. Social motifs are often entangled with the patriotic ones: longing for freedom, offenses to the nation, material hardships and arduous toil usually arrive to the single cause - the oppression of Russian government. The past is regarded by P.Vaičaitis romantically, as by S. Daukantas, Maironis, V. Kudirka. The past was honoured by its great fights for freedom.
    In his egocentric lyrics P.Vaičaitis is a poet of soft melancholy.
    The first verses of P.Vaičaitis were printed in "Varpas" (The Bell) newspaper, later on almost all his verses were printed in the American Lithuanian weekly "Vienybë Lietuvnink¸" (The Unity of Lithuanians). In separate selections P.Vaičaitis's poetry was published only after his death.