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UNESCO’s virtual library of classic works of world literature

Link to UNESCO’s virtual library

One of UNESCO’s main strategies consists in promoting access to information in the public domain in order to exploit the rich collective public property. The new communication and information technologies allow global access to this information.

Within the framework of this strategy, UNESCO is supporting the creation of a virtual library of classic works of world literature. This flagship project, which consists in the establishment of collections of digitized texts, will be made available on-line (on the Internet) and off-line (CD-ROMs). The access to both the on-line and the off-line products will be free-of-charge.

So far the following projects are presently being implemented:

More about UNESCO's virtual library of classic works of world literature at

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  • UNESCO CII - WebWorld. UNESCO's Sector for Communication, Information, Informatics concentrates on free flow of information and freedom of expression in the area of media, libraries and archives

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